Checker Plate and Step Grating Polishing Expansion Kit


Save 5% on this four (4) piece buffing wheel kit designed especially for cutting & finishing checker (diamond) plate, sharp step grating, and narrow recesses such as between rear wheel lug nuts. These buffs are made with fewer plys and are concentrically sewn to a 3/8″ edge, which enables them to cut harder by tackling a smaller surface area and flex around obstacles like lug nuts. They also fit just between sharp step grating, so you don’t need to tear up your new buffs on them (or waste time using a knife to cut cloth off worn buffs).

Contains Matchless 10″ x 3″ Orange, Blue, Yellow, and Untreated checker plate airway buffing wheels.

Product Quantity

Spectrum recommends mounting these buffs on variable speed, rotary polishers such as the Makita 9237C or DEWALT DWP849X or on an appropriate stationary buffer.

Precautions: Do not breathe dust during use. Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Generated dust exposure can irritate eyes and skin. Buffs will need to be raked prior to initial use. Buffs do not include center reducer plates and require the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation.

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