Menzerna – MZ Wash Shampoo


Menzerna’s premium automotive and marine shampoo – the perfect start for a brilliant finish.

MZ Wash soap removes dirt without leaving residues and prepares the surface for polishing; its intense formation of foam and pleasant, tropical scent make MZ Wash convenient and enjoyable to use. This car shampoo dries quickly and leaves behind a beautiful deep gloss. MZ Wash is also suitable for regular care and value preservation of the vehicle. MZ Wash is also officially approved for oil separators by DEKRA.

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Application: Menzerna recommends the “two-bucket method” (one bucket with soap, one with clean water to rinse potentially abrasive dirt and contaminants). Add 80mL of MZ Wash shampoo to 10L of water in the soap bucket. Hand wash with a microfiber mitt from the highest point on the vehicle; avoid using circular motions (which can create “swirls”) and instead use straight motions with gentle pressure. Regularly dip the glove in the bucket filled with clear water, cleaning it and wringing it out each time. Once your vehicle is clean, rinse with clean water and dry (if necessary).

Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.


– Quick drying
– High cleaning power
– Glossy surface
– Intense foam formation
– Pleasant odor
– pH neutral
– Suitable for all coat types
– Contains no silicones

Menzerna cleaning accessories deliver a clean surface and lay the groundwork for polishing and sealing. Effortlessly clean your car with high-quality products, whether car shampoo, cleaning spray, or quick detailer.

For the product technical data sheet and more detailed usage recommendations, click here.

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Dimensions 8.255 × 8.255 × 22.86 cm

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