Matchless – Non-Woven Airway Wheel (Very Fine)


For blending and satin finishing on flat or contoured metal parts.

Very fine (~320 grit) aluminum oxide non-woven material. Four-ply airway buff is less aggressive than full disc wheels. Can be used to produce decorative finishes. Recommended for cleaning up welds and in areas where conventional sanders cannot reach (e.g., rim water channels) prior to polishing.


Non-Woven Airway buffs are designed for light to medium duty applications where coated abrasives are too aggressive or not applicable. The pleated design provides a more uniform finish than full disc wheels and help prevent rippling. Use to produce decorative finishes, remove parting lines, for light deburring, breaking edges, sealer sanding, and rust removal.

Max RPM: 1000 RPM

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 25.5 × 5 cm
Wheel Diameter

10" x 3", 12" x 5"

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