Menzerna – P175 Super Finish


Produces a surface free of lines and buff-trails with a premium, deep mirror gloss.

P175 is a superfine, high-gloss compound that is versatile in application. Capable of producing a buff-trail free finish on stainless steel and suitable for use on many metal and other surfaces. Spectrum recommends pairing this compound with soft buffs like our Matchless untreated white, untreated checker plate and flannel airways.

Cut / Gloss: 2 / 9

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P175 Super Finish is recommended by Menzerna as the final stage in a two- to three-step polishing process and it’s suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other non-ferrous metals, coated surfaces, and plastic surfaces. Additional polishing steps can add additional clarity.

Complements: Menzerna 523LBZ, Menzerna 439T, Menzerna P14F, Menzerna 333, Menzerna P126, Menzerna 480BLF, Menzerna GW16
Pairs with: Matchless Untreated (White) Airway, Matchless Untreated (White) Checker Plate Airway, Matchless Flannel Airway

Menzerna suggested processes for: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and coated surfaces.

Precautions: Do not breathe dust during use. Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Generated dust exposure can irritate eyes and skin.

Weight 1.342 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 6.35 × 5.08 cm

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