Stainless Steel Polishing Expansion Kit

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Save 5% on this three (3) piece stainless steel polishing expansion hand-selected by Stephane to achieve a mirror finish on stainless steel in three simple steps. Includes two (2) Menzerna premium solid polishing compound bars paired with a (1) top-quality 10″ x 3″ Matchless sisal buffing wheel. Add additional buffs and bars to your bundle for maximum savings! Comes with instructions detailing how to mount a buff, sanding, compound and buff combinations, rotational speed, and more.

Bars and buffs required for this process can be found in our Starter Aluminum Kit. For maximum gloss and the deepest shine, combine with our Deluxe Aluminum Polishing Kit.

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Industrial grade medium treated open face sisal buff for use in heavy cut down operations on stainless steel.

Open face sisal buffs feature a pleated design that allows for cooler operation and increased flexibility than full disc sisal wheels; they also provide some oscillation on the face to help prevent rippling and streaking. Medium firmness dip treatment adds to cut aggressiveness and buff life. Spectrum recommends combining this wheel with Menzerna's 439T Heavy Cut or 333 Medium Cut compound.

10" x 3"

Produces cut and gloss in one step on stainless steel.

Menzerna 333 is an abrasive chromium oxide compound designed for use on stainless steel and precious metals, but it's also extremely well suited for chrome finishing. Spectrum recommends pairing this compound with medium-stiff buffs like our Matchless sisal, blue and yellow airways.

Cut / Gloss: 5 / 6

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Produces a high gloss and fine mirror finish on stainless steel.

Menzerna P126 is a finishing compound developed especially for stainless steel; it's also suitable for precious metals. Spectrum recommends pairing this compound with soft buffs like our Matchless untreated white, untreated checker plate and flannel airways.

Cut / Gloss: 3 / 8

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Spectrum recommends mounting buffs on variable speed, rotary polishers such as the Makita 9237C or DEWALT DWP849X or on an appropriate stationary buffer.

Precautions: Do not breathe dust during use. Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Generated dust exposure can irritate eyes and skin. Buffs will need to be raked prior to initial use. Buffs do not include center reducer plates and require the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation.

Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 4.5 cm
Wheel Diameter

10" x 3"

Weight 1.442 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 6.35 × 5.08 cm

Weight 1.342 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 6.35 × 5.08 cm

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