Spectrum is a full-service metal polishing business with over 25 years’ combined experience; we offer mirror and brushed finishing of aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals, specializing in show-quality polishing of semi-trucks, tankers, and trailers.

We also offer indstrial & architectural finishing, classic car trim restoration, and specialty metal finishing projects including classic car trim, custom motorcycle parts, custom metal furniture, horse trailers, and more!


No Job is Too Big or Too Small

As a professional metal polishing company, we have access to the tools to get the job done right. A large bay door combined with an LED floodlit shop gives us the capacity to tackle big jobs, while stationary buffers and other specialty tools give us the capability to polish small items and pieces with tight nooks and crannies.


Truck & Trailer Polishing

The truck and transportation industry has long been our bread and butter, and for many of our repeat clients, Spectrum Alberta is the only company they trust to get the job done right.

Whether our customers are owner-operators, fleet managers, or heavy truck and trailer dealers, we take pride in every project that comes through our doors. From wheels and stacks to moose bumpers and headache racks, we delight in attending to every detail. While many businesses polish aluminum, we are also capable of bringing raw, custom stainless steel to a mirror finish!


Industrial & Architechtural Metal Finishing

We've expanded into the industrial, architectural, and construction sectors: in addition to highly polished finishes we also offer brushed and satin finishes. We have completed projects including stainless sole bearing plates for a City of Edmonton bridge, brass elevator doors for the LeMarchand Tower, interior and exterior brass for Commerce Place, stainless railings for the Ice District, and more!


Specialty & Collection

In addition to big rigs, we have taken on a wide variety of special projects. From custom car and motorcycle parts to metal boardroom tables, antiques, kegs, and even kitchen sinks – we do it all. If you have a special project in mind, just contact us with photos and a description of what you would like done for a free estimate. We currently offer brushed and mirror finishes on metals including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and more!

While we do restore classic car trim, we tell customers up front that only Stephane – our partner and most experienced metalworker – will be handling their irreplaceable pieces. These projects are, however, not our primary focus and are done on a as-time-allows basis, in the order they arrive. When higher-urgency projects like working trucks come in, they are completed on a priority basis as they are on a tight schedule.

If you choose to leave car trim with us it may take an undetermined amount of time to complete depending on previously received trim packages and incoming work of a (generally) more time-sensitive nature. Although we strive to complete trim as soon as possible we ask that you remain patient with us and if you have a specific deadline let us know before leaving trim with us.

Standard Pricing

Pricing represents typical pieces and is generally a "starting at" rate. A typical truck (rims, tanks, battery boxes, air cleaners, shields, grill) will run about $2,500.

  • - Stainless Grille (Kenworth): $165
    - Aluminum Grille & Headlights (Peterbilt): $330

    - Stainless Bumper: Polished = $660;
    Sanded & Polished = $1,100

    - Moose Bumper: $880

    - Stainless Visor / Bug Shield (ea): $110

  • - Stainless Shield & Chrome Stack (ea): $165

    - Aluminum Fuel Tanks (ea): $330

    - Stainless Mirrors (ea): $110

    - Stainless Air Cleaners (ea): $110

    - Aluminum Battery Boxes (ea): $220

  • - Stainless DEF Tanks (ea): $165

    - Aluminum Headache Rack: Checker Plate = $880
    Cabinet = $1,100

    - Stainless Quarter Fenders (ea) $165

    - Aluminum Rims (ea): $110

Please note that pricing provided on this site, over the phone, social media, or email are estimates only and that you should request we go over your project with you upon arrival if you have a strict budget. These rates are typical, but larger-than-normal pieces and pieces that otherwise require additional prep work (acid washing, sanding, removal and reinstall, etc.) can result in additional costs. Specialty projects are estimated on a by-piece basis but may be charged on an hourly basis depending on your budget and expectations for the completed work. Hourly projects start at $110/hr. Shop supplies are added to all totals on a percentage basis to help cover the rising costs of buffing wheels, sandpaper, compound, and other essentials.