Recommended for cleaning up welds and in areas where conventional sanders cannot reach (e.g., drive rim water channels) prior to polishing; non-woven materials offer an advantage over conventional abrasives in that they do not easily plug up with contaminating materials (e.g., dirt). Keep in mind that non-woven abrasives typically produce finishes more similar to a grit 1.5-2x their number (e.g., Very Fine will leave a finish more similar to +/- 600 grit sandpaper) and are not designed for heavy deburring. Very Fine grit denoted on inside edge of clinch ring with an "V". Made in the USA!
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Product details

  • Type Airway Buffing Wheel
  • Vendor Hilzinger America
  • Origin United States
  • Material Very Fine (320 Grit) Aluminum Oxide
  • Construction 4 Ply Nylon Webbing
  • Purpose Light Deburring, Blending, & Satin Finishing
  • Outside Diameter 12 in
  • Inside Diameter 5 in
  • Max RPMs 1,000

Premium non-woven abrasive material for sanding, blending, and satin finishing on flat or contoured metal parts.

Non-woven abrasives of the highest quality differ from the standard fare through consistency and efficiency: strictly controlled webbing thickness, density, and resin/aluminum oxide abrasive distribution throughout the material ensure consistent and even cutting action even as the buff wears. 

Non-Woven Airway buffs are designed for light to medium duty applications where coated abrasives are too aggressive or not applicable. The pleated design provides a more uniform finish than full disc wheels and help prevent rippling in your finish. Used to produce decorative finishes, remove parting lines, for light deburring, breaking edges, sealer sanding, and rust removal.

Pairs with: Non-woven abrasive buffs are not used with buffing compounds; the abrasive effect is (typically) achieved by aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives that adheres to the webbing via globules of resin.

Non-woven abrasive buffing wheels do not need raking. Does not include a center reducer plate. Requires the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges (ideally) in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation. Industrial grade.

Hilzinger Max RPM: 12″ x 5″ = 1,000 RPM

Please note that Hilzinger-Thum/Hilzinger America will not warranty buffing wheels run at excessive speeds. Do so at your own risk. Please note that non-woven airways operate best at significantly lower maximum RPMs; excessive running speeds may cause material to melt or tear, significantly reducing overall lifespan (and resulting in a much less consistent finish).

Hilzinger-Thum has been making buffing and grinding tools for over 120 years and is one of the few companies recommended by Menzerna for buffing wheels. Using the highest quality raw materials available, Hilzinger America in Ohio continues their tradition by producing customized buffing wheels for Spectrum.