Ensures straightforward and even application of Menzerna sealing products. Perfect, long-lasting protection for polished surfaces. Menzerna recommends the use of these pads with Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection, Power Protect Ultra 2-in-1, Liquid Carnauba Protection,  and Gelcoat Premium Protection. Available in 3.5", 6", and 7" sizes. Clean between passes with a pad conditioning brush or after a few sets with the Lake Country System 4000 Pad Washer.
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Product details

  • Type Foam Polishing Pad
  • Vendor Menzerna Polishing Compounds
  • Origin United States
  • Material Ultra Soft Foam
  • Purpose Jewelling, Wax & Sealant Application

Original Menzerna polishing tools make the most of your surface. The pads, which come in a variety of hardness levels, are perfectly tailored to the various products of the Menzerna range of polishing compounds. The safety edge prevents your backing pad from contacting your work surface, and the central hole helps keep paint cooler.


  • Washable
  • Consistent, long-lasting foam
  • Safety edge
  • High-quality Velcro
  • Convenient to use

The Menzerna Premium Pads are optimized for their respective polishing step and products of the Menzerna Polishing Program. The Polishing Pads are available in four different hardness levels. Heavy Cut, Medium Cut, Soft Cut, and Wax Foam Pads are available in 95 mm, 150mm, and 180mm (3.5", 6", and 7") pad sizes.

Menzerna has developed polishing compounds for over 135 years and is the largest manufacturer of solid compounds globally; they also produce automotive polishing compounds, gelcoat polishing compounds, and other chemicals to aid in refinishing and protecting coated surfaces.