Utilizing a less dense 60/60 weave, these soft cotton buffing wheels provide less firmness but a softer feel and cleaner finish than standard 86/82 untreated cloth. They also generate and retain heat more efficiently than Domet flannel. Assembled in the USA!
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Product details

  • Type Airway Buffing Wheel
  • Vendor Hilzinger America
  • Origin United States
  • Material Untreated Cotton (Extra Soft), 60/60 (Dense)
  • Construction #2 Pack (Standard Duty), 24 Ply
  • Purpose Fine Mirror Finish
  • Outside Diameter 10 in
  • Inside Diameter 3 in
  • Max RPMs 2,000

Premium European-style buffing wheels designed and constructed with extra-soft 60/60 cotton for a fine mirror finish.

After a long wait, we're proud to introduce Spectrum Professional Series buffing wheels made by Hilzinger America. These buffing wheels sport higher grades of raw material than are regularly available in North America, and come combined with exceptional construction and clinch ring strength. Though they come at a greater cost, they more than make up for it through enhanced durability, efficiency, retained firmness throughout their lifespan, and - more importantly - finer finishes in less time/fewer steps. Please note that the cotton used in these buffs tends to hold compound much better than domestic fabrics - as a result, particularly after a break-in period, it's easier to accidentally overload your compound. A little goes a long way!

At this point, you will not be accomplishing any cutting action - you will simply be minimizing (and ideally, eliminating) any buff trails and fine scratches from previous stages. Soft and flexible buffing wheels allow you to apply the finest compounds gently and evenly, resulting in a beautiful, flawless mirror finish. Utilizing a less dense 60/60 weave, these soft cotton buffing wheels provide less firmness but a softer feel and cleaner finish than standard 86/82 untreated cloth; they also generate and retain heat more efficiently than 42/40 Domet flannel. Due to the hard-wearing nature of our European textiles, we opted to add plys but reduce the total volume of cloth in each ply; this produced a buff with equivalent life but a less firm face, resulting in a cleaner and more consistent finish as it wears down (compared to our original 20 ply configuration).

Assembled in the USA!

Pairs with: Menzerna 480BLF, Menzerna 480W, Menzerna P126, Menzerna P175, Menzerna M5

Buff will need to be raked prior to initial use. Does not include a center reducer plate. Requires the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges (ideally) in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation. Industrial grade.

Hilzinger Max RPM: 10" x 3" = 2,000 RPM

Please note that while these buffs are being used without issue at 5k, 6k, and even 8.5k RPM, Hilzinger-Thum/Hilzinger America will not warranty buffing wheels run at excessive speeds. Do so at your own risk. Because Hilzinger has pushed their production machinery to its limits (at our request) to produce these buffs, you may notice small gaps between the material and clinch rings on some individual buffs. Rest assured that this simply because the material has become, effectively, incompressible, and that is it still well-secured in the ring. Keep in mind also that European-style clinch rings leave these gaps more visible than other clinch ring styles, which also have hidden gaps.

Hilzinger-Thum has been making buffing and grinding tools for over 120 years and is one of the few companies recommended by Menzerna for buffing wheels. Using the highest quality raw materials available, Hilzinger America in Ohio continues their tradition by producing customized buffing wheels for Spectrum.